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 "Flowers and Song" pastel on paper

Art and Faith in East L.A.

Talking with Leo Limon is like walking through one of his pastels, a pastiche of cultura, street, indigena, nature, historia and politics, combined in a vibrant and moving landscape of color, love, devotion and surrender.

"It's so LA!" I tell Leo as we browse through a collection of his pastels from the late 1980's. "Oh, thank you so much, that's a such beautiful compliment, no one ever said that to me." I'm shocked of course, because to me, Leo is so LA in his approach, sensibility, and moreover, in his iconographic take on this amazing city, in particular the Eastside, which has nurtured the both of us, making us who we are today.

To see Los Angeles through the eyes of Leo Limon is to view the city from a hilltop somewhere in Northeast L.A. Here, downtown is cradled in the arms of a female, earthmother diety while a pyramid rises from the core of the city center. Ehecatl, blows a soft, warming breeze from the south, swaying the palm trees that rim Elysian park, and dot the city, while somewhere in this landscape, Coyolxauhqui rises like the moon she is and offers love and guidance to those who either lie in dreams of green and blue or walk the earth, in xochitl, in cuicatl, expressing those words, songs and paintings that connect us to the divine.