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The Art of Barbara Carrasco

Conditions for Producing Chicana Art

"If Chicano art has been considered a long neglected entity within the realm of "Art History," certainly the attention given to the women artists of la Raza is a long time coming. Yet, if one examines closely Chicano art today and the many new expressions coming from the barrios, Chicana art is a strong voice emerging from this previously male-dominated field." Excerpt from Sybil Venegas, "Conditions for Producing Chicana Art," ChismeArte, Vol. 1 No.4, Concilio de Arte Popular,1977.

I wrote this in 1977 when I was invited by Guillermo Bejerano to write a piece on Chicana art for a special issue of ChismeArte focusing on women. ChismeArte was a quarterly publication of the Concilio de Arte Popular. In this essay I wrote about artists, Barbara Carrasco, Etta Delgado and Las Mujeres Muralistas, all Chicana artists from Los Angeles (Barbara), San Jose (Etta) and San Francisco, (the Muralistas). Little did I know at the time, that this was somewhat of a seminal piece as very few art historians were seriously writing about, or curating exhibitions including Chicana artists. Moreover, Barbara would later share with me that this was the first time she had been written about in an art journal. And eventually, art historians such as Shifra Goldman and Alicia Gaspar de Alba would reference or quote this rather small essay in their references and texts.